Agency Future is a growing collective built to deliver creative, media and event production services to groups and individuals making an impact.


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Our growing collective of strategists, designers and producers are passionate about the quest to turn purpose into outcomes, and vision into impact. We offer strategic consulting and ideation services on a daily, project-oriented, or recurring basis, and are dedicated to deeply understanding the challenges and opportunities of each project, while developing innovative strategies that have the capacity to generate both instant and ongoing value.



Agency Future is positioned to design and manage transformative awareness and fundraising campaigns for world changing projects, NGOs and other causes. In partnership with innovative social media based technology company Cheerity, we are focused on providing a fully-integrated campaign design and management service that has the potential to reach millions and deliver the desired outcomes for our partners.



With decades of experience in innovative events, the Agency Future collective is well-positioned to drive or support the design and production of game-changing concerts, festivals, conferences and more. We are dedicated to creating experiences that deliver transformative outcomes for attendees as well as for the organization(s) behind the event, with a particular passion for cultural, youth and climate events.



Our team is dedicated to developing and implementing communications strategies that can empower organizations and projects to reach their audience with a resonance that engages and encourages positive action. From strategy and copywriting, to graphic design and video production, we are passionate about producing materials that drive participation in the world changing campaign or mission at hand.



With 15+ years of experience in web design and branding, Agency Future's Executive Director Adam Collett is passionate about building a powerful online presence for organizations and programs making an impact in the world. By integrating our in-house web and branding services with social media, campaign management and event production, we are able to provide end-to-end solutions for a wide range of projects.



Agency Future's Kate Buck is a social media pro - literally, she is the face of Social Media Pro, a company that develops innovative training and resources for social media managers. Working with our growing collective of strategists, designers and copywriters, Kate is able to oversee all aspects of social media strategy and implementation, including creative content development and campaign management.

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