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Adam Collett is a producer of events, campaigns and media with a mission. He is devoted to creating positive change by combining emerging models and technologies with a deep respect for the culture of local people and places. He is the Founder of Agency Future, a growing collective built to amplify the impact of world changing leaders, NGOs and purpose-driven companies. Adam serves as Creative Director for UNITY EARTH, a global network of organizations and individuals standing together for unity and peace, and is a part of the campaign team for the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative.




Adam was born in Brisbane, Australia to a studio artist father and a Woodstock-era musician mother. From the age of 12 he has nurtured a desire to impact the world, first through music and events, and more recently through innovative strategies and campaigns that have the potential to create transformative change across the globe.


Adam spent 10 years in New York City, working first as Assistant to the Director for the New York City Arts Coalition before founding Brain Bridge Creative LLC, a digital agency specializing in web development and immersive online environments. After one of his campaigns was featured in the New York Times, Adam was recruited as a freelance creative for Amsterdam / NYC based ad agency Strawberry Frog.


In 2005, his agency was contracted by Clipmarks LLC, an internet start-up developing an innovative social bookmarking tool and news sharing portal. Adam soon joined the company full-time as Creative Director and Lead Designer. After 3 years of development, Clipmarks was sold to Forbes Media and Adam departed to pursue his passion for event production and venue management, producing a series of events and mini-festivals designed to foster the development of a socially-conscious nightlife scene and community in New York.


Returning home to Byron Bay, Australia in 2012, Adam devoted himself to local community and cultural initiatives, co-managing the Kulcha Jam not-for-profit organisation and creative hub for 18 months, co-directing the Tekstar* Digital Arts & Technology Festival in 2013, coordinating the UPLIFT Festival Youth Program in 2013-14, as well as serving as cultural liaison for the Splendour in the GrassFalls Music Festival and others. He also spent time supporting a number of regional Indigenous and Youth programs while working as a sub-editor and video producer for the UPLIFT Media Channel. 


In 2016 Adam launched Creative Foundation, an agency designed to offer solutions for purpose-driven companies and organizations, while supporting young, local creatives and media professionals. In May 2017 he opened an innovative community space and headquarters for the agency. The space served as a bustling hub for local and regional creativity, culture, music, community engagement and social enterprise, while being designed as a model that could inspire similar spaces around the world.


In 2018, Adam focused his energies on developing the agency into a platform that could more broadly amplify the impact of world changing leaders, NGOs and social enterprises. After delving into the search for innovative solutions to the world's most pressing problems, he recognized the importance of a collective that could bridge the worlds of innovation and culture, modern technologies and ancient wisdom. The result was Agency Future, an emerging collective devoted to accelerating the rate of positive change by empowering those who are making a difference.


Since August 2018, Adam has been intimately engaged with the development of UNITY EARTH, a growing network of organizations and individuals standing together for unity and peace. He co-produced the Fields of Healing Culture & Music Festival in Byron Bay, as well as the UNITY EARTH Lift Off Concert & Broadcast and New York Convergence Visioning Conference in New York City. Adam is humbled to serve as the Creative Director for UNITY EARTH where he is preparing for events in the Middle East, USA and Europe in 2020.


Adam has recently joined the campaign team for the Interfaith Rainforest InitiativeHe is a Founding Board Member of indigenous entrepreneurship not-for-profit Circulanation, and has previously served on the Board of Directors for the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce, Byron Youth Service and the Gungyah Ngallingnee Aboriginal Corporation. He regularly advises not-for-profit organizations, serves as a liaison for Indigenous leaders, and is a proud mentor to a handful of inspiring youth leaders. Adam is also a devoted musician, songwriter and producer who is preparing to release his debut album in 2020.


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