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Kate Buck Agency Future
Seb is a social entrepreneur and communications expert who has a commitment to driving positive transformation in communities in Australia and around the world.With social change at the heart of his work in ethical agency Futurekind, he has co-founded and helped launch technologies like the TODAY App as an eco impact tracker and tool to motivate consumer behaviour change; events like Newkind which is a Masterclass in Social Change; organisations such as Embodhi Foundation that connects women in Asia into jobs and industry, with a focus on education, social and financial inclusion, vocational training and education opportunities linked to environmental protection; and Conscious Ground which will be the first earth education centre of its kind – a world class agri-educational facility, mentoring people through earth care & regeneration, people care and leadership training. Seb is involved in helping social enterprise and purpose-driven organisations to grow the good they do in the world. He operates as a strategic guide for initiatives to nail their identity, goals and how to achieve them through effective marketing. With over 15 years in commercial development, creative, strategy and media he has also co-founded several creative, media and technology start-ups. Seb thrives in fast-paced environments, tackling complicated problems and projects with a collaborative mindset, and is first and foremost passionate about transforming lives and the planet for good.

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