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Shivani Laura St George Agency Future
Shivani Laura St. George is a social entrepreneur working to support communities around the world through innovative programs that promote peace, empower women and children, and protect the environment.

She is dedicated to fostering an ecosystem that supports the development of healthy people and a healthy planet. Shivani is the Main UN Representative for IAAI GloCha (International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges), a UN NGO (ECOSOC) focusing on climate solutions.

She also represents Four Worlds International Institute, a non-profit supporting First Nations’ rights, including rights for indigenous women and environmental preservation, and Agency Future, a social impact firm devoted to empowering leaders, NGOs and enterprises working on the most pressing issues of our time.

Advocating for women’s health and wellness is a priority for Shivani, who is also an integrative health practitioner and birth doula, working for 24 years to provide health and birth services for women around the world, through her business, Moon Jasmine Health and Birth.

Inspired by her work at the intersection of the arts, wellness, and sustainability, Shivani is also a professional musician and Music Therapist and put out her first CD of songs for water from many different countries, proceeds of which benefit ocean conservation.

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